I am “Me”, at least for the sake of my blog. “Me” are the first and last letters of my first name….oh, the mystery of it all!

I hail from North Carolina and am a die hard UNC Tar Heel fan. I am also a former United States Air Force Air Traffic Controller. I grew up around water, both the ocean and pools, so swimming is my passion. I also love sailing and scuba diving however, living in the Midwest does not afford the opportunity to do those two activities very often.

I am a dual diagnosed kid. Recovering alcoholic along with a plethora of mental illness tags; Bipolar, Severe depression, Severe anxiety, Unspecified personality disorder, military sexual trauma and PTSD. I am also a recent (December, 2022) service connected Disabled Veteran of the United States Air Force. I really dislike all those tags, but they are mine and I own them. The medicine “cocktail” I am on is very effective in treating my mental illnesses as long as I am med compliant and follow up with regular therapy and check ins with my med doc. I am a firm believer in being responsible for my mental health. I do not believe that any mental illness is an excuse to relapse in relation to addiction. I’m kind of a hard ass about that.

I am excited about blogging again. Used to have a blog years ago (before it was cool, I guess) and stopped when my brain decided to go whack-a-doo. I am very confused with this new server thing-a-majig (that’s a technical term, by the way) but I will stumble through it with your help, I’m sure.

This blog is going to be a chronicle of my everyday life, dealing with mental illness, recovery from alcohol, being the parent of a 20 year old, a 16 year old or a 10 year old, or all 3, or a plethora of other things. Feel free to stop by anytime you want. Word of caution: During the month of March there will be constant talk of how awesome the UNC Tar Heels are and how awful the Duke Blue Devils are, regardless of how both teams are performing in the March Madness basketball tournament.

So, that’s me. Just a Carolina gal, living sober in the southwest corner of Minnesota. Trying to blend in, adapt, improvise and overcome my beautiful surroundings, and continue trudging the road OF happy destiny. Join me, won’t you?



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